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If you are a girl, you should wear a pair of dressy black flats. If you are a boy, you should were a pair of black shoes. Make sure your shoes are shined, and tied securely so you don't trip while walking. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Each church is different.

However, in most churches, seniority is based on age and experience. Normally, the older altar server has more responsibilities than the others. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Medium length hair can still catch fire from candles or get in your face during mass, so tying it back would be advisable. Pay attention and don't do anything to draw attention towards yourself.

The altar server's job is to be silent and help the priest or deacon. During the readings, sit tight and listen. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. No, you should be standing attentively so that you can assist your deacon or priest, in case you need to hand him something or put something back on the credence table. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips When walking or sitting, hands should be held in one of two positions, locked together either at the chest or waist.

Always go to the bathroom before mass. This is proper etiquette that is required.

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Hang up your vestments after using them. Do not dump them on the floor of the cupboard, which is disrespectful to your church custodians. Be quiet in the sacristy and avoid making unnecessary noise. At this time you can say a prayer before Mass begins. Usually servers will have partners, unless they are doing certain jobs, such as bearing the cross. Be ready to help the priest or deacon, especially if he is a visitor to your parish. He may ask you some questions about how Mass takes place in your church.

If he does, try to answer them clearly and concisely. Try to spread things out evenly between you and the other servers.

Don't make one server do all of the work! If there is an M.

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C or the deacon is distributing the jobs, they will make sure that this is so. Most priests now don't usually genuflect at the Altar. They only genuflect at the Tabernacle. If so, bow at the Altar and do not genuflect. Remember that during Mass people are watching you. They do make comments to the priests and the M.

Although this is usually praise, it is sometimes the opposite. To avoid this, you should not laugh or talk while serving. However, you may give instructions during Mass and help out servers if they are unsure what to do. You're usually complimented and corrected as a new server. Try to make corrections, and thank people for compliments. Never, ever take them for granted.

Try to get used to serving. If you really dislike it, don't do it! Churches want happy servers, not sad or annoyed servers! Unless you go to a church with a very small population, you won't serve weekly. Even in the smallest churches you don't serve sometimes! Even the most advanced servers and the ones who love it the most don't serve sometimes! Try not to be too caught up in serving. I think that the age of discerning whether one is called to be a priest or religious was somehow earlier in the past; maybe by ages 10, 11, 12, one started to have a certain idea. Today, it is normally not before age 18, when one has this discernment.

Being an altar boy or girl provides a valuable opportunity to become closer to God, and with a better sense of your life, you decide on your vocation.

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  6. Whatever that vocation may be…. I am not so sure personally that it is whether [being an altar server] in some way makes it easier to find your way to the religious life, or to a priestly vocation. The general atmosphere in our society is rather not too positive toward seeing religious vocations as a way to spend your life.

    In Germany, we see so many altar servers. Everything is very organized… there is so much participation. Obviously this stems from something. What would you say that it stems from? I am happy to say that in Germany, because I go there regularly, this is the most effective pastoral work with the young I have observed.


    10 Things only Altar Servers will be able to relate to

    It is incredible how it developed. T his art, this way of pastoral work, is flourishing even now and even getting ecumenically stronger. Because more and more Evangelical and Lutheran children and young people serve together with their Catholic friends. View all articles.

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    She often covers the Pope's travels abroad, at times from the papal flight, and has done television and radio commentary, including for Vatican Radio and BBC. Enter Search Terms. Hot Topics marriage middle east abortion. Donate now.

    The roles of Altar Servers - agtarobamar.gq Blog

    How is being an altar server important in the faith formation, of young people? Could you tell us about the altar servers here from the US?

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    But also to guide the people in prayer and constantly remind them that they to are standing in Gods presence. The candles are to show the congregation something special is happening that needs extra attention. The priest washes his hands three times symbolising purification the deacon must pour the water and hold a towel for him.

    Your hands are full of blood. The priest stands facing west and the most senior deacon or second priest hold the selection of breads. Another deacon holds the wine in his right hand and a candle in his left and crosses his arms, with right arm on top. Another deacon holds the water he stands on the left of the priest but inside the altar.