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She and others who study and treat children say the reasons it's happening are both physical and social. While boys are still being studied, the findings about girls have caused some endocrinologists to lower the limits of early breast development to first or second grade. Along with that, even young children are having to deal with peer pressure and other societal influences.

Beyond the drugs, sex and rock'n'roll their boomer and Gen X parents navigated, technology and consumerism have accelerated the pace of life, giving kids easy access to influences that may or may not be parent-approved. Sex, violence and foul language that used to be relegated to late-night viewing and R-rated movies are expected fixtures in everyday TV.

And many tweens model what they see, including common plot lines "where the kids are really running the house, not the dysfunctional parents," says Plante, who in addition to being Zach's dad is a psychology professor at Santa Clara University in California's Silicon Valley. He sees the results of all these factors in his private practice frequently.

Kids look and dress older. They struggle to process the images of sex, violence and adult humor, even when their parents try to shield them.

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Natalie Wickstrom, a year-old in suburban Atlanta, says girls her age sometimes wear clothes that are "a little inappropriate. So far, she and her husband have resisted letting Natalie get her ears pierced, something many of her friends have already done. Now Natalie is lobbying hard for a cell phone and also wants an iPod. She's found that cultural influences have affected her own children, too. Earlier this year, her year-old son heard the popular pop song "Promiscuous" and asked her what the word meant. As an example of the latter reaction, she notes how some parents think it's cute when their daughters wear pants or shorts with words such as "hottie" on the back.

But it promotes a certain way of thinking about girls and their back sides," Alderman says. And yet, already, they're coming home from school asking to download songs she considers more appropriate for teens. Diane Levin, a professor of human development and early childhood at Wheelock College in Boston, is among those who've taken aim at toys deemed too violent or sexual. An attorney with a background in music publishing, Otis has compiled a line of CDs called "Music Talking" that includes classic oldies he believes are interesting to tweens, but age appropriate.

But some of the stuff out there, it's just out of control sometimes," says Otis, a father of three from Maplewood, N. Plante, in California, discovered that a few weeks ago when he and Zach rode bikes to school, as the two of them have done since the first day of kindergarten. Plante was taken aback. However I will admit I didn't watch tv and music stations the way kids do now, it wasn't always on, music videos were relatively new.

But still. Show Ignored Content. It's so basic that in retrospect, it sounds ridiculous that it was a lightbulb moment, but I discovered pretty quickly that my mom was right.

Grown ass kid where it at?

Thanks, mom. I've dealt with anxiety for most of my life, and for a long time, I let the triplet demons of "What if they say no? To be perfectly honest, I've established more of a truce with the demons than an actual victory, but I've learned that when you stare a demon in the eye and act like it doesn't exist, it whimpers and puts its tail between its legs. Because guess what? Most people are legitimately psyched to have a cool activity presented to them — you're literally doing them a favor!

If you do it enough, it'll become a habit, and before you know it, you'll have things to do whenever you want.

Grown-Ass Kids

Making Friday plans on a Thursday afternoon may work 4 times out of 10, but so does going outside without an umbrella in April. It's risky AF. Planning a week or more in advance is not! LARPing in the park , how many friends you want to see, and what kind of schedule you're on, you may want to adjust this lead time so that your plan actually, you know, happens. Generally, though, think about it this way: You're only as available as your busiest friend, so plan with enough lead time to make room for alternate dates and times.

PSA: "Hey!

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Let's catch up sometime, it's been forever! It's been forever! Let's get coffee and catch up next Wednesday or Thursday if you're free" pretty much swings the door wide open for a good IRL hangout. So your pal has asked if you want to get dinner, and you actually do.

Ever Wonder What Your Kid Would Sound Like As A Grown-Ass Man? | Fatherly

Now that they've taken the first step, suggest some dates you're free and maybe even some places to go. Don't make them do all the work. Alternately, if you and a few friends have all decided to, say, go see a movie, don't be the disappearing friend who sits back and relaxes as everyone else figures out the tedious logistics.

You're not invisible, and believe me, they know you're not helping. And when you have to haul ass 45 minutes out of your way to a movie theater you never would've chosen, no one will feel bad for you. If you said B, then congratulations — you'll probably be splitting a large pizza with another human on Sunday because you can tell which of those implies, "LOL I don't really care if we do this," and which one communicates, "I actually want to spend some of my free time in your company. It also means you'll be stuck going back and forth for a lot longer than you need to. Not cool, people. Not cool.

We are all our own versions of busy! Literally no one cares that you are busy! Even if you know, deep down, you have way too much going on to do whatever it is this person is asking you to do, please don't say that to them. You're basically telling them that they have nothing important going on in their lives and that you, on the other hand, are very busy and important.