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Friedrich Halm In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquet and throw away the groom. Groucho Marx. Planning a Wedding or Party? It is a land of colour - white craggy rocks and golden sands edging intense turquoise waters; rich red soil carpeted with silver green olive groves and vineyards; burning white medieval towns rising out of lush valleys and creamy gold stone from which a profusion of baroque manors, palaces and castles have been moulded.

It was for centuries a strategic province, colonized, invaded and conquered like its neighbours, Calabria and Sicily by just about every major power of the day, from the Greeks through to the Spanish. Perhaps most distinctive are the Saracenic kasbah-like quarters of many towns and cities, the one at Bari being the biggest and most atmospheric. And the Baroque exuberance of towns like Lecce and Martina Franca are testament to the Spanish legacy. Later around B.

Romanization of the region started in B. In B.

In recent years, thanks to a vast land reclamation project including the construction of th Pugliese Aqueduct and the single-minded efforts of. Also, it is one of the leading producers of wheat, vegetables, and livestock e. The most important sectors are chemicals and petrochemicals Brindisi, Manfredonia and steel-making Taranto. ART - Of prime interest are the prehistoric cave paintings found in scattered grottos and remains of several neolithic settlements that are still coming to light. The highly symbolic paintings of the Grotta dei Cervi are perhaps the most notable.

A good deal of pottery has come down to us, much of it decorated with geometric motifs and all extremely high quality. The objects excavated in tombs artifacts, masks, jewels pottery, etc. Extensive remain of the Roman period are visible throughout the region: theaters Lecce, Lucera statues among which the celebrated Colossus of Barletta , and the celebrated terminal columns marking the end of the Appian Way opposite the Port of Brindisi.

The Years of Alienation in Italy | SpringerLink

The foremost manifestations of Apulian art, however, date from later periods, i. During these years, the incomparable cathedrals of Bari, Bitonto, Bitetto, Ruvo di Puglia, Trani, Altamura, and Troia were erected in the, style known as Pugliese Romanesque, while at the same time Frederick ll commissioned building of scores of castles, including the superb Castel del Monte. These cen turies, also a time of great economic prosperity, were exceedingly active artistically especially for the coastal cities of Terra di Bari.

Although few remains of painting have come down to us, there are notable examples of mosaics preserved in Otranto and in San Nicola Tremiti Islands and both civic mostly commissioned by Frederick and religious sculpture. Thereafter, while the center of the art world was steadily moving more and more toward Naples, a new architectural and decorative style was gaining momentum in Salento. Cataldo , Brindisi St.

Theodore , Lecce St. Oronzo , and Bari St. Aside from lamb, stewed game birds and anchovies, there are no typical Apulian entrees, whereas vegetables and side dishes including stuffed eggplant and zucchini, chicory, beets, mashed beans, and many others, are important components of the meal. Stuffed pasta specialties e.

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Among the tasty local desserts the best known are taralli donuts , cartellate, and grano cotto. BC - Page 47 Tarantella, grew out of tarantism - the hysteria that appeared in 15th to 17thcentury Italy, and was prevalent in Taranto. As a duo, it also features drum solos as well as drumming duets that add color to the authentic Southern Italian rhythms. The strange ritual can be experienced annually on 28 - 29 June at the celebrations for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul in Galatina. This remains the only place on the Salentine Peninsula where the phenomenon of tarantism has survived.

Isolated instances are those of Albanian, spoken only in Capitanata and a few parts of the Province of Taranto, and Greek in certain centres south of Leone.

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The animals wander about in the hectare park among largely Mediterranean vegetation. The park was created in and since then it has constantly evolved and added new species. For years, Puglia produced wines, as well as must and concentrate, that were used to strengthen wines in the north of Italy and also in France.

Whites were produced for a large part to be used as blending wines for Vermouth. Today Apulia boasts 25 wines DOC with 52 reds, 28 whites, 22 rose , 17 sweet and 9 spumante. This International Exhibition has taken place every year with the sole exception of the Second World War from to The Fair grounds cover an overall area of thousand square meters and host approximately twenty different events throughout the year - the Fiera del Levante, Agrilevante, Edil Levante and Expolevante have gained worldwide renown as international events.

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The landscape is breathtaking. The calcareous origins of the Gargano territory allowed the formation of Karsic phenomena such as deep valleys, precipices, crags, caves and pinnacles. Some parts of the park have been molded by the climate and by the terracing of the land for cultivation.

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It is characterized by the careful pruning of the olive trees, by the citrus trees and by almond trees. The presence of animal species is conditioned by two characteristics: the geographical-temporal isolation, and habitat diversity The autochthonous species are: the garganic roe deer , the wild cat, the martora and the bats.

There are also about species of birds Amongst the reptiles are: the cervone, the salamandra pezzata , the ramarro and the geco. BARI - Settled by a tribe known as the Peucezi, it began to develop only under the Romans who were quick to realize that its location was strategic for trade with the Orient. During the medieval period, it was contended by Longobards, Byzantines, and Saracens.

The long period of the Crusades and subsequent reign of Frederick Il brought prosperity to Bari. The following centuries, however, did not live up to their early promise. Lack of interest on the part of the people who governed the region did much to hasten its long decline which lasted until when Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples, sponsored its renovation. At age 30 he became the Bishop of Myra, a port town on the Mediterranean Sea, that is part of modern-day Turkey.

He hailed from a rich home and became well known for supporting the needy. During the Middle Ages, many churches were built in honour of Saint Nicholas. In the 11th century, his remains were enshrined in a church in the Italian city of Bari.

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The anniversary of his death, December 6, became a day to exchange gifts. He has been the patron saint of Russia, Moscow, Greece, children, sailors, prisoners, bakers, pawnbrokers, shopkeepers and wolves. Page 48 - BC right in the heart of the old city center.

San Nicola; founded in , soon became a model for practically all the Apulian Romanesque churches.

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The keynote of the facade is simplicity. Pilaster strips serve a dual purpose: a decorative motif, they also denote the single-aisle plan of the interior. Of the four towers that originally stood at the corners of the building, only two, the cropped front ones, are extant.