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Dink brings him home to stay. All is well until the boy disappears.

Coda Series | Awards | LibraryThing

Thousands of miles away, the boy's father has also vanished! One of Dink's friends has a lottery ticket worth seven million dollars which was stolen! The kids chase through deep snow on skis to track down the thief. Ruth Rose finds a stolen mummy in the girl's bathroom at the museum. Then an explosion reveals an even stranger crime. Strangest of all is the clue Josh discovers!

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Josh finds a priceless nugget while panning for gold. When the nugget disappears out of the safe, Dink and Ruth help Josh look for the thief at the dude ranch. Who stole a famous painting from Dink's Uncle Warren? Green Lawn pet park has been waiting for the new baby panda. But a panda kidnapper has also been waiting. The baby panda will starve if they don't get it back to its mother! The kids find themselves in deep water as they try to catch a couple of thieves. But Josh steps in quicksand, and doesn't know how to get out!

Why does a racehorse that always wins, suddenly lose? The answer is on the film in Ruth Rose's camera and Josh finds a mysterious mark on his favorite T-shirt! The school nurse has lost her skeleton, Mr. Dink, Josh, and Ruth know that skeletons can't just walk away Can dinosaurs really talk? They can if they have a microphone hidden inside their heads!

But this dinosaur has plenty more secrets to hide When the baseballs disappear during a game, the kids put their heads together to find the thief. That's when they discover that the crook is one of their friends!

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A weird looking man has arrived. He wears a black cape and sleeps during the day in a very cold room. Everyone seems to have bite marks on their neck! While the kids are in Maine visiting their mystery writer friend Dink falls off a carousel and hurts his arm. At the same moment, a diamond necklace is stolen from a famous rock star. Can the two events be connected? Hi there, and so sorry for the delay in responding!

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That book is scheduled for release in early I just have to write the darn thing. As for what to read after Heretic Doms Club — it sort of depends on your tastes. My personal favorites of my books are in no particular order Trailer Trash, Winter Oranges, and the Oestend series.

So maybe try one of those. Between Sinners and Saints is and Blind Space are also reader favorites. I absolutely loved Promises and all the short stories with Jared and Matt. They were so believable, and their love is so powerful. Why did you not write more books dealing with Jared and Matt? Or maybe there will be? One can dream… They are my favorite couple in the series. Zach and Angelo is perhaps my least favorite couple and, yet, they get whole 3 books.

Hi Roman. People ask me this question a lot, actually. The thing is, all books require conflict. The characters with the most problems will invariably have the most books. Zach and Angelo are two pretty damaged guys.


Matt and Jared, on the other hand, are two pretty solid, down-to-earth guys. I imagine them being really comfortable and happy together at this point. It might suprise you to know that as a child I did not read. But through personal reasons and some new year soul searching I decided I wanted to read. So I read several books for the first time in my life in quick succession when I bought Promises and surprised myself in that I began to enjoy it, sometimes.

Even though I read gay related stories. Fast forwarding a bit… And for whatever reason, Promises ended up in my bag I packed on my trip home this Christmas to visit family. I got on the train, sat down and reached for the book… 2 and a half hours later I nearly missed my stop.

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Since that day, I finished the book. A The 1,m sensor and B 1,m sensor. Small black dots are field measurements with the error bar that is the SDs of three estimates of time shifts using three windows Methods. Compared with small deviation in stage 1, the large deviation in stage 2 may be caused by complex waveforms as the result of dynamic CO 2 plume injection in a short period.

Red lines are the best polynomial fit curves for data during stage 1 and transition between 0 and 47 h. Blue lines are the best fit curves at stage 2 between 47 and 74 h.

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Blue circles: modeled velocity shifts estimates from numerical forward modeling seismic coda waves based on the CO 2 flow model Methods. To better interpret our findings, we conducted seismic forward modeling tests to simulate seismic coda wave behavior during CO 2 injection see details in Methods.

We constructed CO 2 seismic velocity models based on predictions of a 3D multiphase flow model for a given CO 2 saturation and calculated seismic velocity changes using modeled coda waves. We overlay the model predictions black crosses and the observations of seismic velocity changes in Fig. They show reasonable agreement between calculated velocity changes from modeled coda waves and estimates from both 1, and 1,m sensors in the period 0—47 h, which is consistent with the velocity—mass relation red lines in Fig.

During stage 2 injection after hour 47 , seismic velocity reduction is nonlinearly proportional to CO 2 mass, which indicates a more heterogeneous CO 2 distribution. We interpret this as a result of newly injected CO 2 adding to and expanding the original CO 2 plume in the reservoir.

Modeled velocity reduction seems not to capture the nonlinearity, particularly in the 1,m sensor case Fig.

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Possible reasons for this include: i a constant CO 2 injection rate 0. Our results demonstrate that CO 2 migration can be imaged using seismic coda waves. We demonstrate a relation between cumulative CO 2 mass and elastic wave speed reduction within the h injection and show the unique sensitivity of coda waves to cumulative CO 2 mass. Our interpretation is consistent with previous work 9 and provides additional information on plume dynamics. Previous work based on direct waves found that seismic velocity reduction became negligible, likely due to the fact that CO 2 saturation in the direct ray path was either not increasing or that the direct P-wave response to saturation changes was flat.

Spetzler et al.